How to book with Game Plan Dallas

How Does Game Plan Dallas Work?

Ready to Party?


Book online through our website. You will be required to pay an initial deposit of 50% at this time. The cost of your deposit is dependent on your party size.


After we've received your deposit, Game Plan Dallas will send you an email that will ask your availability to meet us for your Pre-Party consultation.


For our Pre-Party, we will set up a face-to-face meeting with you (Skype, FaceTime, or phone call, if unavailable). There, we will further discuss your vision and you will also have the option to choose from our many additional services before we finalize your invoice. This invoice will be due the day of your event. 


Event Day! We will process your remaining balance upon our arrival. Any additional fees that accrued during your event will be charged during our party wrap up.


After all of the fun is over, be sure to leave a Facebook or Google review about all of the fun you had! Be sure to tag us in any pictures or videos with the hashtag #GamePlanDallas.

Initial Booking

How early can I book my event?

We ask that you book your event at least 2 weeks in advance. If your event is sooner than 2 weeks, PLEASE email us. Additional charges may apply.

I want to add additional services when I book, but I don't know where to add them.

Don't worry! Our initial booking is to ensure that your spot is secured on the certain day that you've chosen. We will send you an email that will ask you to choose a Pre-Party consultation day. We will discuss our additional services at that time.

Why are you taking deposits during booking?

We process initial deposits before your actual event to save your spot.

Event Day

There are more people at my party than what I expected/paid for. Will I be charged?

Possibly. As long as your guest count remains within your selected party size, you will not be charged. However, if your guest count exceeds the selected party size, you will be charged an additional fee. During your consultation, we stress to you the importance of being as accurate as possible with your guest count. We will charge the difference between what your party size and party time turned out to be and the initial party size that you chose.

What are the additional fees that I may be charged with by the end of my event?

An additional fee could include last minute services being added, additional people attending the party, extending the party time, damage to our games, and/or a travel fee for party locations outside of the counties of Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin or Rockwall.


Where are the events held?

If you are booking us for your own event, the event will be held at the location you choose. That could be at your home, apartment lobby, backyard, restaurant, conference room, wedding venue, hotel etc. However, we are not responsible for paying for the venue you select.

Where is Game Plan Dallas located?

We're located wherever you are! We typically host parties all around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Does Game Plan Dallas host events outside of DFW?

Yes, Game Plan Dallas travels outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. If you have an event outside of the metroplex, just let us know. Traveling fees will apply for party locations outside of the counties of Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin or Rockwall.


What is Game Plan Dallas?

Game Plan Dallas is a mobile business that brings the entertainment to you. We create custom "game night" styled games for you and your party's enjoyment. We also offer additional services.

Will you plan my event, like event planners?

No, Game Plan Dallas is not an event planning service. Our expertise is in party games.

Do you provide food?

No, we do not provide food.

What games do you offer?

We offer different games to cater to small, large and in between sized groups that can be played as teams or individuals. Traditional games may be played with a twist, as well as custom games that could be created solely for your party.

Frequently Asked Questions

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